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The Purpose Of Websites


Why Visit it?

You can search for websites, pictures, videos, and other media
Why was it made?

To organize information on the internet To help users find the information they are looking for.To make money for the creators through ads Website: Instagram
Why visit it? It is a social media siteYou can share photos and videos and post commentsYou can text people individually in direct messages Why was it made? To allow users to share photos and videos publicly or privatelyTo make money for the creators through ads
Website: Ebay
Why visit it? To buy and sell productsTo compare prices to find the best priced product Why was it made? To be a marketplace for internet users To find and buy products at a less expensive priceTo make money for the creators through transaction fees

Submarine Cable Questions and Answers

How wide are undersea cables?
About as wide as a garden hose.

How many kilometers of cable are out there?
1.1 million kilometers.

How much information can a cable carry?
The new cables are capable of carrying 160 terabits per second.

 Which of the following can be represented in a binary state? Choose 2 answers. a. A Power Supply b. Voting on a House Bill c. A Byte of Data d. A Trend A and C. The power supply could be represented by 1's and 0's  because it only has two modes, on and off. A byte of data can also be represented in binary state because it can only hold 1's and 0's.

Term Definitions

Annual Fee- A fee that is charged to your credit card once a year.

Annual Percentage Rate- The interest rate for a full year.

Credit Line- The amount of money that can be charged to a credit card account.

Cash Back/ Rewards- When credit card companies give you a percentage of the money spent on your credit card back to you.

Balance- The net amount after factoring all credits and debits.

Minimum Payment- The least a person needs to do to avoid late fees.

Article Summaries

Accuweather has been taking people’s location data even when they did not give Accuweather their permission. Accuweather has been sharing the data with a third party company for money. Your data is what you trade for free services like accuweather. Accuweather is monetizing user data so they can stay in business. In conclusion, don’t always believe that companies will stay away from your user data if you tell them to. For $1,000, anyone can purchase online ads to track your location and app use. For example, a burglar could use ads to find out when you leave your house. This results in an invasion of privacy. The UW Security and Private research lab is trying to get ad networks to tighten up their security against these attacks and hopefully prevent them. This article is about when you should and shouldn’t share your location using a smartphone. Location sharing could help you get help if you were injured, but it could also allow strangers to know where you are. Google and Snapchat have…