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Accuweather has been taking people’s location data even when they did not give Accuweather their permission. Accuweather has been sharing the data with a third party company for money. Your data is what you trade for free services like accuweather. Accuweather is monetizing user data so they can stay in business. In conclusion, don’t always believe that companies will stay away from your user data if you tell them to. For $1,000, anyone can purchase online ads to track your location and app use. For example, a burglar could use ads to find out when you leave your house. This results in an invasion of privacy. The UW Security and Private research lab is trying to get ad networks to tighten up their security against these attacks and hopefully prevent them. This article is about when you should and shouldn’t share your location using a smartphone. Location sharing could help you get help if you were injured, but it could also allow strangers to know where you are. Google and Snapchat have…

Microchip Use In Humans

Positive: You don’t have to carry around things like keys in your pockets because it’s on the chip. You can send information without having to manually send it. For example, a printer can recognize you as an authorized user just by showing it your chip. They can potentially monitor your health. Concerns: Microchips are easy to hack. People could potentially be controlled by the chip. The metal in the chip could harm your body.
I think microchips could cause a lot of problems in the future. The microchips could get hacked and a lot of information could be stolen by hackers. I also think people could become too reliant on the microchips. If the microchips malfunctioned, then the people will be missing important information for daily life. The good thing about microchips is that they can save lives because they monitor your health.

Technology Spotlight

Technology Spotlight
The device that I chose is a calculator. The data that it accepts are things such as numbers, functions, operations, and equations. It processes this data by using binary code. The result of the process is an answer.

Everyday Algorithm

Preparing a Bowl of Cold Cereal
open cupboard take out bowl close cupboard put bowl on counter open drawer take out spoon close drawer put spoon on counter open cupboard take out cereal close cupboard put cereal on counter open refridgerator take out milk close refridgerator put milk on counter